Happiness is a Handbag…

This link: ‘Handbags won’t make you happy‘ is the latest example of Tom Ford’s futile and schizophrenic attempt to convince us that buying expensive designer stuff is not the way to true happiness and enlightenment. Satisfaction is not the aim of all this branding, designing, buying and selling. In fact, the one thing that commerce fears is […]

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Selling like hot bread

The following story raises a number of curious issues about the current state of consumption and marketing and retail practice: ‘Supermarket bread waste‘ Apparently the landfill sites of the UK are being furnished with huge volumes of freshly baked bread from superstore bakeries (presumably to the delight of the seagulls that infest such facilities). It […]

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Red is the new black

BBC – People don’t save anymore Save? Why would you wait for stuff? The above story hardly comes as a surprise and is non-news. Why? Because red is the new black. The evidence is everywhere. The credit crunch showed us just how bad it had got and still is. The bankers created debt so that […]

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