Black Friday Bargain Bonanza

TGI Black Friday… …Not. Black Friday brings out the worst in the consumer (at least in the UK). It sometimes results in fighting (actual fist throwing fighting) for bargains in some cases (please see the video compilation below). Now the sale is often extended to Black Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Black Week . It’s just another sale season with no cultural significance in the UK that merges into the pre-Christmas discounts and the post-Christams discounts. Black Friday is a US import we could do without:

All you need to know about Black Friday

Why the frenzy? Well…

Lack of money in the back pocket of many of course. But, some people are driven to hunt (or fight) for bargains and not  because they are strapped for cash but for more exotic reasons. They love to get bargains. Consumer researchers call this the ‘thrill of the hunt’. The juice is the fallacious idea that they save money (if they didn’t actually want the thing in the first place or have something that is comparable and not broken then they have just wasted money, not saved it). ‘I’ve just got us new garden furniture for half price Claudia!’ ‘But we don’t have a garden Malcolm.’

Yeah, we love a bargain all right. Who doesn’t want to save money? Bargain hunting can become compulsive or obsessive however; you spend several hundred pounds or dollars on a shopping spree during a sale season and still convince yourself that you have actually saved money. In a sense you have, but if the products hadn’t been discounted then you probably wouldn’t have bought them. Point of information: the only way you can save money is by not spending it at all. The flawed logic of the inveterate bargain hunter is similar to increasing your food intake in order to lose weight by consuming 9,000 calories of salad a day.

If you’re someone who derives real, actual, proper life-enhancing pleasure and genuine happiness from bargain hunting for bargain hunting’s sake, then I apologise for tone of this post: you carry on if your bank account can stand it. If, however, you simply derive a quick crack-like fix that evaporates within the day and the bargains you buy so regularly end up in the garage fostering mildew and gathering dander before you have the presence of mind to flog it to someone on eBay then you need to question your behaviour. What you are doing might well be pointless.

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Warning this video contains bad language and violence!

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