Everyone makes mistakes. Even Google. If you missed it then check this link. ‘Google’s latest mistake’ It seems ads for major UK brands have appeared as the ‘intro’ to some youtube videos posted by people with views that many would consider extreme or unsavoury. Google owns youtube of course and those ads that you can […]


Faking It

Some research into the psychology of counterfeit goods that I was involved in has received a some press coverage recently (please see the links at the bottom of this post). I thought that it might be useful to contextualize the research and the subsequent coverage with some reflections on the fundamental factors that underpin the […]

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Diet & Denial

‘Tis the season to regret and abstain.  Yep, every year it’s the same. After the excesses of Yuletide many of us retreat into our own punishment room, replete with various methods to deny ourselves pleasure. January Diet Options Why January is the worst time to give things up: 1) January (in the UK) is a […]

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The Price is Right… …or Is It?

During this festival of discounting, I thought it might be useful to provide a guide to pricing strategies:  (1) Absorption pricing. We shall start with the least devious method that does actually relate to micro-economics. The aim in absorption pricing is to ensure that all costs are absorbed, or recovered (seems sensible, eh – unless […]

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Black Friday Bargain Bonanza

TGI Black Friday… …Not. Black Friday brings out the worst in the consumer (at least in the UK). It sometimes results in fighting (actual fist throwing fighting) for bargains in some cases (please see the video compilation below). Now the sale is often extended to Black Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Black Week . It’s just another […]

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Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall…

The election of Mr Trump Requires requires no link unless you  are in a space and time distortion, like that gentleman in Interstellar, and this is the only communication that you have received for a while. (If this is the case then you must be mightily confused and you will soon be mightily bored). However, […]

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